Well-Wishes For Matt Ganssle

Well-Wishes For Matt Ganssle


Matt Ganssle

ALL ACCESS extends well-wishes to ALPHA MEDIA EAST TEXAS Country KYKX/TYLER-LONGVIEW, TX PD/afternoon host MATT “PHAT MATT” GANSSLE, who has been in the hospital battling pneumonia since the beginning of the month. GANSSLE shared a statement with listeners two weeks ago alerting them of his diagnosis; read his statement here.

As of last FRIDAY, OCTOBER 20th, GANSSLE reported via FACEBOOK, “The respiratory doctor just delivered excellent news: ‘we crossed a bridge. No incubation/ventilation needed. We can proceed to next steps.'” However, as of last night (10/25), GANSSLE had been moved to a new location in the hospital where his phone is not able to be used, and a new notice appeared on his timeline. “…At this time, MATT is not able to use his phone,” shared GANSSLE’s post. “He is in a stable condition.” Send your well-wishes to GANSSLE here

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